Indian Skies RV Resort Coolidge, Arizona

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Park Rules

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This is a partial list of current park rules. A full list of Community Rules are provided upon move in. Updated in 2020

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Monday – Friday. (Summer 9:00 AM TO 1:00 PM Friday). Closed on Saturday & Sunday

After hours and weekends call 503-307-3373 to register as a guest. All guests must register before setting up their unit. Hosts Tonya Anderchuk & Don Carr


CHILDREN: Under 18 yrs. are welcome to visit Homeowners; their stay cannot exceed 2 weeks at any one given time.  Children must be supervised at all times. The swimming pool hours for children are between 11 AM to 2 PM. All children must abide by rules posted in the pool area and must be accompanied by an adult that can swim.

Private functions must have management approval. See office.

COMMERCIALISM: Residents are provided a community free of soliciting & advertising.  Please notify the office if solicitors are in the park.  No commercial business signs are allowed at your unit.

SALE OF UNIT: One “FOR SALE” or “OPEN HOUSE” sign not exceeding 12 inches by 18 inches, may be displayed only on the home or in the home’s front window or landscape. This rule does not apply to signage used by Landlord. Be advised that any park sales must be approved by park management, no exception.  If a private sale occurs without park management approval, seller will be subject to a fine of $300.00.

It is highly recommended that all contractors performing repairs in the park provide homeowner  a copy of insurance coverage and copy of business license.  Any resident who allow repairs without license or verification is doing so at their own risk.

Billing is the first week of each month & placed in your mailbox.  You are responsible for payment regardless of who is occupying the unit.  All electrical cords & connections must be UL approved & meet City of Coolidge Code. Indian Skies will not be held responsible or liable for any damage done to RV’s or Park Models due to power surges All UNITS should be protected by a Surge Protector.

MAILBOXES/MESSAGES: A mailbox is provided for anyone who stays 2 months or longer.  A $5 refundable fee is charged for the key.  Messages are placed in your mailbox, unless they are emergencies.

Washers & dryers are coin operated.  Please read instructions on washers before using.  Observe all rules posted in the laundry room.  

PARKING: Each space has room for one automotive vehicle.  No extended parking on the street.  Designated parking around Club House area is for those using the recreational facilities.  It is not to be used for storage or overnight parking.

FROM NOV 1 – MARCH 31 residents are not to park in empty lots without approval of management and a written storage agreement. Residents are not permitted to park on other residents lots, without prior written approval by site resident.

PETS: No dangerous breeds (full or partial) including Chows, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Wolf-hybrids and Pit Bulls. Management’s decision as to whether any pet is a dangerous breed is final and conclusive. Pet droppings on or off Tenant’s lot must be cleaned up immediately. Pets are not allowed in common areas.  Pets cannot be left unattended outside the home and may not be walked in the Community unless controlled on a leash. Dogs must be walked only in designated pet areas approved by management.

SEWER CONNECTION: To be of an approved type and sewer rings are required.  See office for assistance.

SKIRTING: Yearly residents must have their park models or permanent RV’s skirted and approved by management within 90 days of arrival. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the management. Absolutely no lattice skirting allowed.

SPACE OCCUPANCY: One living unit per space. Additional RV’s cannot be occupied on the space.  Permission can be obtained for up to two (2) 2 days for on-site loading, unloading, or transfer of property to or from a second RV.

SPACES: Each resident is responsible for keeping his space clean and weeds under control. Property or equipment excluding standard lawn furniture, bicycles and barbecue must be stored out of sight in a shed. LAUNDRY IS NOT TO BE HUNG ON YOUR LOT.  Management must approve any alterations to the space, such as patios, additions, plants etc., where necessary proper permits from the City of Coolidge must be obtained. Please respect other people’s sites.

STORAGE AREA: Check with the office for current rates and availability.

SWIMMING POOLS & Hot Tub: The pool and hot tub are reserved for residents and their registered guests only.  Swimming may be restricted when swim classes or exercises are in session.  Please observe all safety and regular pool rules posted poolside. No diving. Glass containers are not allowed. The pool & hot tub are for your enjoyment.  We ask that you use them with caution and at your own risk. Swimming pool area is slippery and full of obstacles, WATCH YOUR STEP.  Authorized peronnel in pool equipment only. Use caution in the pool shower.  Pool chemicals and/or hot water can cause adverse reactions or medical problems with some people.  If you have any doubts check with your doctor, we are not responsible for the injury or loss. Please no food in pool area. Only private music devices may be used.

TRAILERS: Management reserves the right to approve all RV’s requesting space.  Your trailer must be manufactured with modern vented plumbing.  Self-contained or direct hookup models only.  No tents.

UNDERGROUND CABLES, ETC.: Check with office before undertaking any digging on your space. Contact the #811 Blue Flag

WATER: Water is very precious & expensive in the desert. A one-time courtesy wash is included for your vehicle/RV per season. A $10/vehicle fee is payable in advance at the office for vehicles washed more than once per season. Conserve your water usage.

WATER CONNECTION: Residents must provide pressure regulators for their units as needed.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Indian Skies Resort will not accept responsibility for loss due to fire, theft, accidents or injuries occurring at your space or in any area within Indian Skies RV Resort. Please make sure your RV is insured.

REST ROOMS: Floors & the showers can be slippery. Help keep the restrooms clean and neat.  If you make a mess, clean it up!!

NO WILDLIFE FEEDING: Hummingbird feeders are the only exception. Doves are prevalent in the area and must not be fed.

All residents & guest must register at office upon arrival, this includes yearly residents.  There will be no charge for guest, as long as residents report their guest within 24 hours of the guest’s arrival. Guest are allowed a (2) weeks stay, at one time, any longer requires management approval.

Is due on the first day of the month. There is a $5.00 a day late fee if your rent is received after the 5th of the month. $25 on the 5th day and $5 additional for each day after.

They should be equipped with reflectors & a light.  Watch your speed.  Slow at all corners & stop at all intersections.  Remember you are responsible for injuries to others and to yourself.

Infringement of any Indian skies rules will result in a written notice. If infringement is not resolved a 30 day notice of termination of the lease will result. No refunds on evictions.



Indian Skies RV Resort

1050 S. Arizona Blvd, Coolidge, AZ 85128
Phone: 520-723-7831

55+ Resort



  • Several New Premium Pads 15' x 30'
  • 277 spacious sites with concrete pads
  • Full hookups

A Beautiful Park

  • Manicured landscaping and wide paved streets
  • Storage area's on premises
  • GPS Coordinates: N 32 58.032 / W 111 31.560


  • Pets with responsible owners are welcome
  • Big rigs welcome
  • Pull-throughs available